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Manufactured by Werther International, Panther silent compressors are the most popular choice for exceptionally low noise level, dependability, value, and overall ease of use. Air Inc offers a wide range of Panther air compressors in a variety of sizes, all backed by a 24 month warranty and dedicated tech support. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

SELECT Item #Item NameFlow (scfm)HPShipping Height (Inch)Shipping Length (Inch)Shipping Weight (Pound)Price
Panther P15 TC Silent CompressorPanther Air Compressor.700.18121238$1,000.00
P50TC/M22191.698Panther Air Compressor2.10.50121542$1,595.00
P50-24AL/M06090Panther Air Compressor2.10.50172966$1,925.00
P30TC/M02090Panther Air Compressor1.050.25121542$1,250.00
Panther P100/24 AL Silent CompressorPanther Air Compressor1.00$3,200.00
P100-50AL/M07090Panther Air Compressor1.00$3,350.00
P150-50AL/M09090Panther Air Compressor1.50$4,350.00
P200-50AL/MI04010Panther Air Compressor8.42.004333167$5,060.00