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Designed to provide position interlock detection for medium to heavy duty moving guards. Head can be rotated to give 8 actuator entry positions. Robust die cast housings (body & head)..
Functional Specifications:
Positive break contacts to IEC 60947-5-1
High Functional Safety to ISO 13849-1

SELECT Item #DescriptionContactsActuatorConduit Thread SizeItem NumberPrice
203002Kobra KM Switch2NC 1NON/A1/2" NPT203002$60.53
203002-FKobra KM Switch2NC 1NOFlat1/2" NPT203002-F$65.27
203002-HFKobra KM Switch2NC 1NOHeavy Duty Flexible1/2" NPT203002-HF$80.87
203002-HFHKobra KM Switch2NC 1NOHeavy Duty Flexible (Hygienic)1/2" NPT203002-HFH$103.47
203002-PFKobra KM Switch2NC 1NOPlastic Flexible1/2" NPT203002-PF$69.56
203008-AKobra KM Switch3NC 1NOStandard1/2" NPT203008-A$76.57
203008-FKobra KM Switch3NC 1NOFlat1/2" NPT203008-F$76.57
203008-HFKobra KM Switch3NC 1NOHeavy Duty Flexible1/2" NPT203008-HF$92.16
203008-HFHKobra KM Switch3NC 1NOHeavy Duty Flexible (Hygienic)1/2" NPT203008-HFH$114.76
203008-PFKobra KM Switch3NC 1NOPlastic Flexible1/2" NPT203008-PF$80.87
203005Kobra KM Switch3NCN/A1/2" NPT203005$60.53
203005-AKobra KM Switch3NCStandard1/2" NPT203005-A$65.27
203005-FKobra KM Switch3NCFlat1/2" NPT203005-F$65.27
203005-HFKobra KM Switch3NCHeavy Duty Flexible1/2" NPT203005-HF$80.87
203005-HFHKobra KM Switch3NCHeavy Duty Flexible (Hygienic)1/2" NPT203005-HFH$103.47
203005-PFKobra KM Switch3NCPlastic Flexible1/2" NPT203005-PF$69.56
203011Kobra KM Switch2NC 2NON/A1/2" NPT203011$71.82
203011-AKobra KM Switch2NC 2NOStandard1/2" NPT203011-A$76.57
203011-FKobra KM Switch2NC 2NOFlat1/2" NPT203011-F$76.57
203011-HFKobra KM Switch2NC 2NOHeavy Duty Flexible1/2" NPT203011-HF$92.16
203011-HFHKobra KM Switch2NC 2NOHeavy Duty Flexible (Hygienic)1/2" NPT203011-HFH$114.76
203011-PFKobra KM Switch2NC 2NOPlastic Flexible1/2" NPT203011-PF$80.87
203014Kobra KM Switch4NCN/A1/2" NPT203014$71.82
203014-AKobra KM Switch4NCStandard1/2" NPT203014-A$76.57
203014-FKobra KM Switch4NCFlat1/2" NPT203014-F$76.57
203014-HFKobra KM Switch4NCHeavy Duty Flexible1/2" NPT203014-HF$92.16
203014-HFHKobra KM Switch4NCHeavy Duty Flexible (Hygienic)1/2" NPT203014-HFH$114.76
203014-PFKobra KM Switch4NCPlastic Flexible1/2" NPT203014-PF$80.87
203002-AKobra KM Switch2NC 1NOStandard1/2" NPT203002-A$65.27