Industrial Automation Solutions

Air Inc is proud to work with the most reputable manufacturers of high quality industrial automation products and pneumatic systems. From the very beginning our priority has always been to provide affordable automation solutions to our clients that increase productivity, lower overall costs and allow for greater flexibility without sacrificing quality. Using state-of-the-art technology we can design, develop and create industrial automation solutions that meet a wide range of specifications. We work with manufacturers like Bimba, Panther, Humphrey and Norgren to provide you with automation components that are built to last. Air Inc's commitment to quality means you can rest-assured our team of experienced engineers and project managers will provide you with an automated turnkey solution that meets the specific requirements of your particular industrial application.

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  • Innovator of actuation, fluid power and motion control
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  • Leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors
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  • Air Cylinders
  • Micro, Mid & Full Size Air Valves
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  • Innovative vacuum solutions
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Proportion Air

  • Electronic air pressure regulators
  • Air flow control valves
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  • Creator of the Original Pancake
  • Grippers, rotary actuators, crimpers, valves, and air cylinders
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  • Leading producer of pneumatic products
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  • Air cylinders, valves, pumps and index tables
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John Guest

  • Push-Fit System and Speedfit Technolgy
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  • Industrial shock absorbers, vibration isolators and rate controls
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Freelin Wade

  • High-performance tubing
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Canfield Connectors

  • Solenoid valve connectors, timers and proximity devices
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  • Quality brass fittings
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Resolution Air

  • Control valve solutions 
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  • Grippers, rotary actuators, and powered slides
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  • NFPA cylinders, telescoping cylinders, stainless steel cylinders, HH series heavy duty hydraulic
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  • Safety Mats, Safety Light Curtains and Ergonomic Palm Buttons
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  • Condensation Removal Valves, Direct Acting Solenoid Valves and Media Separated Solenoid Valves
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  • Specialty brass barbed fittings, stainless steel barbed fittings
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  • Custom mounting solutions
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  • Pneumatic automation components, cylinders, valves, production devices
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  • Push in fittings, pneumatic tubing, vacuum generators
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ITT Conoflow

  • Regulators, actuators, positioner and transducers
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  • Linear & precision actuators, linear bearings & guides, linear motion systems, ball & lead screws
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  • Pneumatic hoses and tubing, pneumatic fittings
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  • Rack & pinion type rotary actuators, rotary steppers and rotary indexers
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Allied Witan

  • Noise control mufflers
  • Silencers
  • Breather-vent-filters
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  • Miniature solenoid valves
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AlumiTec Inc.

  • 292 sizes of manifolds in stock, custom manifolds
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Advance Automation Company

  • Air & Hydraulic NFPA Cylinders
  • Air Oil Tanks
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  • Leading provider of innovative fluidic products
  • Specializing in the medical device and bioprocessing markets
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Werther International

  • Silent Air Compressors
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