Our Selection of Available Tubing

Selecting the right tubing is critical to the success of your project. Choose the proper tubing for a particular job should be done after all of the application requirements are considered.

Polyethylene Tubing – the most commonly used because of its flexibility, lower cost and wide range of chemical resistance.

Polyurethane Tubing – a good choice for applications requiring flexibility, a small bend radius or where kinking would be an issue. This tubing is recommended where flow rate is not critical.

Nylon Tubing – great for low pressure pneumatic applications since it is both flexible and tough.

Mini-Coils – ideal for use with robotics, instrumentation, small pneumatic tools, control circuits etc.

Freelin-Wade’s Kynar Polyvinylidene Fluoride Food Grade Tubing – made with a high purity material that is ideal for applications that require an odorless and tasteless tube.

Freelin-Wade’s Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) – ideal for all applications that require chemical resistance or a wide range of temperatures.

Pisco’s Low-Friction Polyurethane Tubing – very flexible which allows for a small bending radius. Pisco also offers a Vacuum tube which features flexible and compact tubing.

Nycoil’s Ny-Chem Kynar Tubing – the purist of all commercial resins, making it ideal for applications where compliance to most agency regulations (ex: FDA & USDA) is required.

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