Koganei was founded in 1934 in Japan as a importer of German machine tools. Today Koganei is a manufactuer of pneumatic systems. Koganei earned ISO9002, ISO9001 and 14001 certifications by 2000. Koganei is determined to stick with the highest safety and quality standards. They test every product before the product is sold and shipped. In 2015 Koganei expanded to North America, South America, Canada and Mexico. Koganei currently has six subsidiary branches throughout the world.


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F Series Valves

  • Quick Delivery! F10 & F15 Series in Stock and Assembled in Franklin, MA.
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DTY-BX01 Ionizers

  • Static electricity elimination. Comes in fan, blow or unit types
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PVR Series

  • Media Isolation Valves
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