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Allenair Cyl-Check Cylinders

  • 3000 pounds capacity maximum thrust load
  • Feed Control available for Forward, Rearward or Both Directions
  • Feed Rate infinitely variable
  • Optional Stop and Skip Check features
  • Optional Threaded Rod Extensions available for rapid traverse
  • Complete mounting versatility
  • Precision honed brass body, provides longer seal life
  • Wear Strip on piston and extra long bearing in front head for prolonged life
  • Viton Seals to insure long life when heat build-up occurs

Standard Strokes available are 2-1/2”, 5”, 6”, 10”, 15” & 20”. Special strokes available

The Allenair Cyl-Check ® is a self-contained oil filled unit which can be used in any tool or work feeding application, eliminating chatter caused by variations in power thrust and irregular loads, providing smooth, uniform and precise feed control. The unit can be coupled with a Pneumatic Cylinder or other linear motion and provides the flexibility required in many applications, without the costly expense of a completely hydraulic system. The Allenair Cyl-Check ® is a high quality unit carefully designed, produced, assembled, and tested to provide long trouble-free service.

Allenair Cyl-Check


Parallel Mounting:

These are individual Cyl-Checks ® which can be mounted parallel with most 1-1/2, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3” or 4” bore Allenair Cylinders. This is achieved by means of a common front Nose Mount, a Rod Tie Bar and Mounts to secure the back end of each unit.

It must be noted that in parallel mounting, because of the opposing forces, a side-load condition is created on the rods. It is imperative that the rod of the air cylinder be securely fastened and not allowed to deviate from a straight linear motion.
The Cyl-Check ® can also be mounted independently to control other linear motions. Care should be taken to insure alignment in such cases, so that the rod of the Cyl-Check ® is not subject to side thrust.

Tandem Mounting:

The Tandem Cyl-Check ® Assembly is an in-line assembly of a Cyl-Check ® and a 2”, 2-1/2”, 3” or 4” bore Allenair Type “A” or “E” Double Acting Air Cylinder. The major advantage of these units is that the side-load condition between the rods is completely eliminated due to the direct in-line coupling of the Cyl-Check ® and Cylinder Rods.

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