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solid-state connector and moduleCanfield Connector produces a full line of solid-state connector and module timers as well as Proportional electronic controllers and Latching, and solenoid driving modules. Our solid state devices feature very specific enclosures, in a DIN 43650 Form A and Form B (industry standard) and in a fully encapsulated block module styles. The DIN 43650 enclosures act as self-contained electronic circuits in NEMA 4 packages that can be quickly mounted onto valves using the DIN 43650 ISO 4400 EN 175301-803 standards. Our time delay relay electronic module package is designed to be incorporated into an enclosure alongside other controls. Our all digital microprocessor based timers feature 5 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz with many broad and diverse logic packages, interval, on-delay, off delay, triggered one-shots and recycling timers. Canfield Connector proportional controls save money as they are designed to replace full-blown controllers with the most used options. Our electronic modules are all produced in the USA using the best possible components.

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