Planetary GearheadThe new Raptor SS precision planetary gearhead from CGI Inc. offers stainless-steel construction and IP65-rated sealing for a washdown-ready design that is suitable for food and beverage and other sanitary applications. The planetary gearhead also has a high stiffness to withstand high loading — as well as gear geometry to transmit high torque. Components are made of advanced materials that get specialty heat treatment for durability. There are also versions of the planetary gearhead that come with a white epoxy coating and optional food-grade grease for food-related applications. The Raptor SS has features that simplify installation; it can mount in any direction and has a captive input pinion. NEMA and metric configurations are standard.

Maximum input speed for the planetary gearhead is 6,500 rpm. Service life exceeds 15,000 hours. Maximum backlash (arc-min) is 4 (for the one-stage design), 6 (for the two-stage design), and 8 (for the three-stage design). In addition:

  • Efficiency for the one-stage design is better than 95%
  • Efficiency for the two-stage design is better than 90%
  • Efficiency for the three-stage design is better than 85%


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