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Electric ThrusterOriginal Line Electric® Thruster

The Original Line Electric Thruster is a rugged, guided actuator with an OLE cylinder integral to the thruster block. With many types and options to choose from, it offers many variations that allow selection of the most appropriate type to match your unique application needs. They’re ideal for applications seeing significant side loading and require greater control and enhanced flexibility.

  • Large load capability
  • Rated moment load to 3000 in-lbs
  • General Duty & Heavy Duty versions available
  • Standard, precision and harsh environment types available
  • Bore sizes/Thrust ranges: 1.5″/up to 75 lbs, 2″/up to 150 lbs, 3″/up to 350 lbs
  • Ball bearing types for less friction, faster motion and additional precision

Electric ThrusterT Series Rod Style Actuator

T-series rod-style actuators are heavy duty ball-screw driven actuators intended to move your heaviest loads with great precision, ease and flexibility.  In cases where an application calls for a hydraulic replacement or an electric rod solution that matches or exceeds that of a comparable pneumatic cylinder solution, the T-series provides the necessary performance in a rod-style actuator for your particular application.

  • Ideal for high thrust applications
  • Precision rolled ball screw design
  • Precision to 0.001″
  • Lengths to 1.5m (~60″ or 5′)
  • Inline or reverse parallel types available

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