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New Balanced Valve Family

Now six valves strong of 3-port and 4-port types in three sizes, Humphrey balanced valves offer exceptional versatility.

The Balanced Solenoid Valve Series is a universal balanced design valve, offering several benefits:

  • MULTI-PURPOSE. The Series is versatile with its many functions: Normally Closed or Normally Open; 2- or 3-way; Diverter or Selector; pressure range of vacuum to 125 PSIG.
  • MULTI-MEDIA. The Series’ balanced poppet design performs whether the media is air or inert gases, clean, dry, lubricated, or contains some airline impurities.
  • RELIABLE SHIFT, TIGHT SEAL. Internal forces generated by the pressurized media are neutralized. The shifting forces of the coil and return spring are optimized and need only seal the poppet to our tight leakage specifications.
  • HIGH FLOW CAPACITY. Internal flow path management has been maximized. Coupled with the balanced design and an optimized solenoid magnetic circuit, significantly greater flow, within a reduced overall size, has been achieved.
  • EASE of USE. All electric and pneumatic connections are on opposing surfaces, minimizing total space occupied, and simplifying mounting and connections during installation.

Balanced Valve Series Specifications

MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS 153 154 193 194 253 254
Type of Operation Direct Solenoid
Function Multi-Purpose
Number of Ports 3 4 3 4 3 4
Port Size 1/8 PIPE 1/4 PIPE 3/8 PIPE
Override No override – standard. Non-Locking – option.
Media Air (Dry or Lubricated), Inert Gases, Vacuum
Pressure range 32° to 125°F (0° to 50°C)
Ambient Temperature Range Vacuum to 125 PSIG
Flow @100 PSig scfm (Cv) 15 (0.25) 10 (0.16) 38 (0.65) 28 (0.47) 72 (1.20) 68 (1.12)
Max Leakage (@100 PSig) 4ccm
Lubrication Not required
Filtration 40 micron, recommended
Weight – lbs 0.2 0.22 0.4 0.44 0.7 0.8
Wetted Materials Brass, Buna, Aluminum, SST
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 153 154 193 194 253 254
Standard Voltages 12VDC, 24VDC, 120/50/60
Electrical Entry Plug-In w/12” Lead Wire, DIN Lead Wire, DIN
Voltage Tolerance ±10% of rated voltage
Coil Temperature Rise 90°F (50°C) 93°F (52°C) 102°F (57°C)
Response Time (on/off) 12/6 (8/35) 20/6 (20/32) 15/8 (22/44) 21/5 (21/27) 28/11 (28/44) 34/5 (34/17)
Power Consumption 4w / 5.2w 6w / 7.7w 8w / 9.8w
Insulation Class B

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