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VR Series Valve Manifolds

Compact, Flexible & Modular Valve Manifolds

A simple plug-in, sub-base style design, available in two body sizes – 10mm and 15mm,
that is suitable for a broad range of Industrial Automation markets, from food & beverage,
packaging, labeling, textiles, glass production, metal production and paper and print.

  • 2 x 3/2, 5/2 or 5/3 Multipole Valve Manifold
  • Up to 24 Solenoids
  • 24V DC Multipole
  • IP40
  • LED Indicator of Solenoid Function
  • Dynamic Softseal Spool Valve, Solenoid Pilot Operated
  • No Restrictions in Installation
  • Easy to Replace Valves, Fittings and Silencers
  • Robust yet Lightweight Construction
VR10 Valve Island  VR10 Valve Island

Item VR10/15 Specification
Valve type VR10/15mm 5/2 sol/sol and sol/spg; 2×3/2 NO & NC, 5/3
Station configuration up to 24 slices with 5/2 sol/spg
Media dry compressed air, filtered to 40um
Pilot type internal & external feed* (*2×3/2 only have internal feed)
Operating pressure 29 – 101psi (2 – 7bar)
Proof pressure 1.5 times max. operating pressure
Burst pressure valve manifold will relieve pressure when inlet pressure
exceeds 152psi (10.5bar) due to lifing of armature in solenoid valves
Operating temperature 23ºF – 122ºF (-5º – 50ºC)
Flow rate Cv = 0.20 – 0.35 (200 – 350L/min) for 10
Cv = 0.60 – 0.65 (600 – 650L/min) for 15
Response time 10-20ms
Max. working frequency 5Hz
Item R10/15 Specification
Product Width VR10 = 11.5mm VR15 = 16.5mm
Life cycle 30 million cycles
Voltage 24VDC, +-10%, 100% ED
Power consumption 0.45W
IP rating IP40* (*IP65 4Qtr 2020)
Controls & Protocols Multipole, Ethernet* (*Ethernet 4Qtr 2020)
Corrosion resistance withstand >= 240hrs salt spray test
Vibration resistance withstand mechanical vibration 30m2/s and shock 150m2/s
Certification CE, RoHS, REACH

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