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  • Competitively Priced
  • Superior water separation performance – Half the size and over 99% drain separation ratio compared to other devices
  • Cyclone System – High-speed cyclone drain separator uses the power of centrifugal separation
  • Maintainability improved – Maintenance free because an element is not used. Select NO type or NC type auto drain
  • Wide Range of Flow Rates – Excellent water separation performance in a wide range of flow rates
  • Compatible in a Wide Range of Environments – Specifications for ozone resistance, NCU specifications, Copper free are standard



Application Examples:

  • Removing drain in sub-lines and from various equipment
  • Removing primary-side drain from filters and regulators
  • Pre-Processing of the air supply going to the membrane dryer
  • Removing drain from equipment extremities
iB-Cyclone iB-Cyclone by Koganei

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