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Kenos KCS Gripper

Kenos KCS GripperThe ultimate cobot gripper is Kenos KCS Gripper. It’s lightweight, flexible and powerful making it an easy entry solution into automation technology.

The Kenos KCS Gripper is an all-rounder and offers a unique level of flexibility when it comes to picking up objects. It allows for a wide range of use thereby eliminating the need for retooling. The cobot is ready for immediate use at different processes, ensuring optimal use of its capacity.

Paired with time and cost savings achieved through shorter downtimes and the lack of need for retooling, the Kenos KCS gripper allows for a quick return on investment.

Ask your Salesman about scheduling a demonstration. We can bring the cobot to your facility.

Save Load Capacity for Your Heavyweights

With its body 3D printed I high-quality SLS technology, the Kenos KCS gripper is extremely lightweight. This allows customers to make the most of their cobot load carrying capacity – providing for extra weight to be lifted moved and placed.

Kenos Gripper

Keep Moving – Everything, Everywhere, Everytime

The main gripper consists of a technical foam, which can adapt to a wide variety of contours and can thus accommodate different parts flexibly. When the foam layer is worn it can simply be exchanged.

Get More for Less – Higher Power at Lower Input

The pump unit is equipped with Piab’s powerful new generation COAX SX cartridge vacuum technology. The lightweight pump unit is small, integration-optimized vacuum pump and was selected because of its almost silent operation making it ideal for use next to an operator. The COAX ejectors are up to twice as fast as other ejectors and deliver up to three times more flow than a conventional ejector than a conventional ejector. This makes them particularly energy efficient.

KSC Gripper

Turn Your Cobot into Your Worker’s Best Friend

Both gripper units are characterized by their edgeless design. Due to the rounded sides and the surface technical foam, possible injuries are largely eliminated. This makes the gripper units particularly safe to use on cobots, which cooperate freely with humans and thus increases the acceptance by the employees.

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