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Adjustable 2 Stage Speed Controller

2 Stage Speed ControllerShock absorber is not required. With realized 2-stage exhaust flow adjustment, a similar control as a shock absorber becomes possible.

Adjustment of shock absorbing property is possible by the adjustment of 2nd speed (EX2 (CUSHION 2-stage speeds can be controlled by individual needles. e.g. Reducing the shock to 1/9 (reducing speed to 1/3) while keeping the same cycle time.

It is possible to shorten traveling (cycle) time as long as conventional shock absorbing (cushion) property is same.* *Conventional shock absorbing property means shock absorbing by reducing the cylinder speed by a cylinder mounting type shock-absorber near the stroke end. e.g. Actuate 80% of cylinder stroke at the speed of twice as fast as the regular speed of a conventional standard speed controller, then actuate the last 20% of the stroke at the regular speed.

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