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Push Lock Flow Control Valve with Indicator (Tamper-Proof)

The easily-seen indicator located on the side and top of the adjustment knob makes setting the flow rate easier due to added visibility. PISCO’s push-to-lock type flow control valve ensures the airflow level once it is set, even with its small and low-profile body size.

  • It has a very compact and low-profile body as a flow controller with an indicator. The smallest in the field.
  • Easy to handle Push­Lock type knob.
  • Possible to know the number of rotation every 1/2 turn. The scale is readable both on the side and the top. Reducing the task of initial flow settings or their maintenance/replacements.
  • Easy to identify the flow direction by the color of knob.
    Meter­-out control is light gray. Meter-in control is light blue.
  • The rubber material of the diaphragm is HNBR for low-level ozone resistant.
Pisco JSGU6Pisco JSGC6-01BPushLock

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