Werther International LogoWerther International Inc, in partnership with FIAC, offers on-demand Nitrogen (N2) gas generators and nitrogen compressor packages that are capable of providing purities of up to 99.85% and flow of up to 220 L/min (7.70 CFM). Based on the latest in membrane technology, our N2 generators are compact and quiet. When equipped with the silent running onboard compressor option our Nitrogen Generator Systems offer a complete turn-key solution for a variety of applications.

Nitrogen Compressor Package Applications

Werther services applications including:

  • Analytical Laboratory Instruments
  • Packaging
  • Clean Room
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial

(N2) Nitrogen Generator with Air Compressor System

Our complete, one piece, turn-key Nitrogen (N2) generators incorporate the reliability of FIAC continuous duty quiet rotary screw air compressor, high-efficiency cycling refrigeration dryer, 3 step filtration, and the latest in membrane technology. The result is a quiet, compact, self-contained generator that is easy to install and operate without the need for additional components.

Nitrogen Generator with Air Compressor System

Nitrogen Generators without Air Compressor Systems

Utilizing the latest in membrane separation technology in combination with a 3 step filtration system, 70 Gal vertical ASME rated N2 storage tank, and outlet pressure regulator, this Nitrogen (N2) generator is ideal for applications where a source of compressed air is available.

Nitrogen Generator without Air Compressor

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