Werther International LogoThe outstanding performance and quality of Werther International’s line of quiet oil-free air compressors are essential in providing a turn-key solution and easy installation and start-up for most applications needing a source of quiet compressed air. With our quiet oilless air compressor motors, selection of ASME certified air tanks, self-regenerative air dryers, and silencing cabinet options, the Werther oilless air compressors are well suited for a variety of applications including laboratory, automation, medical, clean room, gas generation, and food and beverage where dependability and long service life is a must.

With all oil-free compressors, the cylinder is pre-lubricated for more permanent lubrication making oil-free compressors a necessity in any environment that requires 100 percent oil-free air. Oilless air compressors tend to be less expensive because of the simple maintenance that’s required since it’s pre-lubricated. Since Werther is ISO 9001 certified, our oil-free air compressors are built with durability and strength in mind. Unlike most oil-free air compressors, Werther’s oilless air compressors are specifically designed to have low noise, so that it’s suitable for a quiet environment.

Wobble Piston Oil Free Air Compressor

Werther supplies wobble piston oil free air compressors for a variety of applications & industries!
There are many benefits behind these oil-free piston compressors including:

  • Quiet/Low Noise Operation
  • Powder Coated Air Tank
  • Pressure Regulators & Switches
  • ASME Safety Valve
  • Tank & Oulet Pressure Gauges
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • 12 Month Guarenteed Warranty
Wobble Piston Oil Free Compressor

Straight Piston Oil-Less Compressors

The outstanding performance and quality of Werther International’s Oil-Less air compressors, available in multiple configurations ranging from 0.75 to 10 Hp, makes them the ideal choice of compressors when quiet, dependable and clean oil free air is a must. To meet the always changing application requirements our compressors are available with after cooler, filters, desiccant air dryer, and silencing cabinets resulting in an easy installation and start up.

Straight Piston Oil Less Compressor

Wobble Piston Air Compressors

Ideal for OEM applications, Werther International has developed an economical and truly quiet oil-less compressor with low vibration.

Wobble Piston Air Compressors

Oil Free Piston Compressor

Our direct drive compressor motor assemblies ranging from 0.75 Hp – 5.5 Hp utilizing the most advanced in piston ring materials. The result is a dependable and long lasting source of oil free air.

Oil Free Piston Compressor

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