piab-logoNovember 30, 2016 (Franklin, MA) – After 70 years of exceeding customer expectations as New England's leading distributor of industrial automation products and services, Air Inc. is proud to introduce Piab's piCOMPACT® line of innovative vacuum generators. Featuring fully integrated controls for smart manufacturing, piCOMPACT® vacuum generators are reliable with proven performance capabilities.

The flexible piCOMPACT® vacuum generator can be configured to suit a wide variety of industries and applications, with vacuum ports and air connections available in many different types and diameters. Move things faster with features like vacuum sensing, self-adhesion control and pre-vacuum hovering suction cups. Operate more safely with automated system monitoring to protect valves from leakage and automatic level determination that shuts off and restarts based on actual conditions. Use a minimal amount of power with energy efficient features that can save up to 95% of compressed air usage in a cycle like a self-learning blow off feature. This vacuum generator is also available with the first worldwide standard for sensor and actuator communication technology.

"Air Inc. is excited about Piab's new addition to their family of PiCompact intelligent vacuum generator systems," shared Scott Ryan, Air Inc. Sales Manager. "The new, larger PiCompact 23 joins the PiCompact 10 to form the most versatile and energy-efficient multi-stage ejector style vacuum systems in the market. This allows our customers the flexibility of controlling their vacuum level and flow, blow-off level and flow, timing, vacuum sensing, and more using innovative and fully integrated controls for smart manufacturing. And with the addition of automatic pulse width modulation to reduce energy consumption and i/o link to help centralize communication for more complex machines, PiCompact has exceeded customer expectations. All this while being easy to install and setup makes PiCompact our vacuum pump system here in New England."

As the leading pneumatic and automation solutions distributor, Air Inc. satisfies customers in all six New England states with decades of custom design and assembly experience. Watch this video to see the piCOMPACT vacuum generator in action. Contact a member of Air Inc's knowledgeable team to learn more about this new product or other turnkey automation solutions.