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General Purpose

For general air and fluid handling applications, engineers around the world choose CPC couplings because they’re easy to use and they simply get the job done. Our broad portfolio features a variety of terminations, configurations, sizes and materials, as well as special design considerations like precise hose barbs, a thumb latch with an audible “CPC click,” non-spill technology that enhances equipment modularity and even optional RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® technologies can help you reduce product liability and increase device safety. No matter what your application requires, every CPC coupling is uniquely designed to deliver exactly what you need.


The 1/4″ flow DPC Series couplings feature a dual port connection in a contoured design that delivers ease-of-use and excellent flow in a compact size. Made from acetal thermoplastic, the DPC Series includes valved and non-valved couplings with a single plastic thumb latch. One-hand operation makes the DPC Series the choice for simple, simultaneous connections and disconnections where two fluid lines are required.

DPC Series coupling


The 1/4″ flow DTLD Series dual flow couplings provide a unique thumb latch with independent or simultaneous connections of loose tube sets. Made from ABS thermoplastic, the DTLD Series valved couplings ensures when connecting one insert, the second insert is prevented from disconnecting. One-hand operation makes the DTLD Series the choice for simple, independent connections of dual port connections. The DTLD Series is compatible with all PLC, PLC12 and LC Series Inserts.

DTLD Series dual flow coupling


PMC Series couplings have a 1/8″ flow are used in a wide variety of general-purpose applications. Featuring the CPC thumb latch, the PMC is easier to use than ball-and-sleeve connector designs. One-hand connection and disconnection and integral terminations make the PMC the choice for ease of use and manufacture.

PMC Series coupling


The 1/4″ flow PLC Series is proven worldwide in thousands of applications and offers the widest selection of sizes and configurations. PLC quick disconnect couplings are injection molded from acetal thermoplastic and are resistant to most mild chemical solutions.

PLC Series Coupling

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