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The latest generation Air Preparation equipment developed to meet the needs of today’s customers.


Excelon® Plus has been designed with safety in mind. Tamper-resistant features are built-in as standard, with padlock features on both the shut-off valves and regulator. A rotating safety shut-off valve makes it easy to isolate the system with no reduction in performance; a unique double safety bowl lock, with an audible bowl clip plus a safety detent when pressurized, makes it impossible to remove the bowl when in use.

The new and improved filter maintenance system allows the filter element assembly to be removed with the bowl, enabling faster and cleaner servicing. It also features our unique Quikclamp system locking Excelon Plus modules together.

With the new safety and functionality features and a compact and lightweight design with no compromise on robustness, Excelon Plus helps keep customers’ marvelous machines running smoothly.

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