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Flying Leads

Pneumadyne’s 3-way Solenoid Valves are available in several sizes to accommodate your application’s flow requirements. Our 10 mm valve, part number S10MM-30-12-2, provides a flow rate of 1.05 scfm @ 105 psi and is an ideal choice for limited space applications. Two orifice diameters are available in our 15 mm solenoid valves, part numbers S15MM-30-12-2B & S15MM-30-12-2D, to fit flow rates to the application. For installation convenience, the System 6 solenoid valve, part number S6-30-12-2, features independent coil orientation which allows the valve to be mounted in either direction on a manifold.

10mm Solenoid Valves  15mm Solenoid Valves


  • Single base or manifold mount
  • LED on 10 mm & 15 mm valves are standard
  • Manual override is standard
  • Direct acting solenoid valves
  • Fast response times
  • High flow rates

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