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Spartan Scientific Series 3B23

The Spartan Scientific Series 3B23 is a compact, media separated 2-Way Normally Closed solenoid valve for use with air, chemicals, gases or water whereby the media is contained in the nylon body valve cavity and does not come into contact with the metal parts of the solenoid operator. The 3B23 features a long life solenoid that incorporates a fully encapsulated coil, stainless steel plunger and tube assembly as well as a rolling diaphragm which enables the valve to function at pressures up to 120 psi with orifice size of 1.2mm and a flow rate of 0.06Cv.

3B23 Solenoid Valve

Spartan Scientific Series 4B23

The Spartan Scientific Series 4B23 is a media separated, 2-Way 2-Position solenoid operated valve where the media remains isolated from the metal working components within the valve. This creates a barrier to contamination to both the fluid and the operator which serves two purposes. The media remains untainted by the metals in the operator while the close tolerance moving parts of the valve are insulated from the effects of particulates, aggressive chemicals which can affect long-term life of solenoid valves. The 4B23 is available in 1/4” or 3/8” NPT connections with orifice ranges from 2.0mm to 5.0mm which gives the 4B23 great flow and operating pressure ranges to meet differing applications.

2-Position media separated solenoid

Spartan Scientific Series 4BKR

The Spartan Scientific Series 4BKR is a 2-Way, 2-Position media separated solenoid valve that is used for the control of ultra-pure or corrosive media that would otherwise cause premature failure on wetted type solenoid valves. Featuring the Spartan Scientific low volume valve cavity and the rolling diaphragm, the 4BKR has no convolutions for chemicals to congregate or dead spots for flow. The all encapsulated coil, stainless steel tube and plunger assembly are designed for a long trouble free life.

2-Position media separated solenoid

Spartan Scientific Series 4D85

The Spartan Scientific Series 4D85 is a direct operating 2-Way 2-Position media separated valve for control of aggressive media that can damage wetted solenoid valve components. The valve incorporates the innovative Spring Diaphragm which retains the media in the valve body effectively separating the metal operator components from the media for extremely long life cycles and media compatibility. The 4D85 is a stand-alone body ported valve, available in 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” NPT port connections and offers a full flow 12mm orifice.

Solenoid Valve

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