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Electrak HD

The Electrak HD is a new electric linear actuator platform with onboard electronics, which can eliminate the need for standalone controls. Higher power opens a new, wider range of hydraulic applications to electric conversion. And it meets the most extreme OEM component environmental acceptance tests, including IP69K.

Thomson Electrak HD  Smart Electrak Actuator

Smart Actuation

As the industrial world becomes increasingly connected, the designer’s need for intelligent components that can communicate with each other and operate without the need for manual interaction is growing. Thomson, a trusted manufacturer that has always been committed to staying ahead of the technology curve, is meeting this demand and helping to usher in a new generation of “smart” actuators.

SmartActuation Factory Machine Thomson SmartActuation SmartActuation Factory Forklift


Thomson ElectrakElectrak® Throttle Actuator

The Electrak® Throttle Actuator was developed to be the most robust, reliable, and versatile actuator for throttle control applications. Enjoy a simpler and more efficient vehicle design process with product innovations.



Thomson WhisperTrak 2 WhisperTrak™

Thomson WhisperTrak™ models are the quietest additions to our well-known electric linear actuator family. This actuator range sets the standard for medical, personal mobility, material handling, marine and structure automation applications. It is small, quiet and washdown-proof. WhisperTrak linear actuators boast a low sound level of less than 45 dBa, about the same as an average library. This quiet, consistent low sound level is conducive to personal mobility applications and provides unobtrusive linear motion in an elegant package.

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