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Reliable and ruggedly built Manual and Air Pilot valves from 1/8″NPT to 1/2″NPT with flow rates from Cv=0.27 to 4.1.

SELECTItem #Item NameFlow rate (Cv)Operating Pressure (p.s.i.)Port Size (Inch)Stock ItemPrice
14DP-44-Way Double Air Pilot1.01501/4 NPTYES$64.65
14HL-44-Way Detented Hand Lever1.01501/4 NPTYES$87.50
14SP-33-Way Air Pilot Spring Return1.01501/4 NPTYES$63.30
14SP-44-Way Air Pilot Spring Return1.01501/4 NPTYES$65.85
12DP4-Way Double Air Pilot4.11501/2 NPTYES$108.65
12SP4-Way Air Pilot Spring Return4.11501/2 NPTYES$111.35
18DP-33-Way Double Air Pilot.271501/8 NPTYES$35.15
18DP-44-Way Double Air Pilot.271501/8 NPTYES$36.90
18HL-44-Way Detented Hand Lever.271501/8 NPTYES$73.60
18PMD-33-Way Detented Panel Mount.271501/8 NPTYES$60.80
18PMD-44-Way Detented Panel Mount.271501/8 NPTYES$62.50
18SP-44-Way Air Pilot Spring Return.271501/8 NPTYES$35.15