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The Humphrey Tyna-Myte Series are available in two flow capacities. The 1/16” orifice 062 Series and the 1/8” orifice 125 Series are available as a 2-, 3- or 4-way configurations. Valves feature a unique direct-acting design that does not require air supply lubrication. Conical poppets move in and out of mating seats; the absence of sliding seals or any metal-to-metal contact provides high reliability and long-cycle life. A controlled stroke length provides fast response and longer poppet life. Tyna-Myte Valves have several mounting options, including inline or the rugged, extruded aluminum TM Series manifolds.

Humphrey Air Valve T062 T062
Humphrey T1254E1 T125
Humphrey 062e1 062
SELECT Item #Item NameImagePorting TypeCvPressure RangeLeadsTypePort SizeVoltagePrice
062E1 3 10 20 36 120 50 60Tyna-Myte 3-Way Inline Direct-Acting Solenoid/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/062e1_mainphoto-235x300.jpg3 Way Normally Closed.140-125 PSI18" ConduitInline1/4" NPT120 VAC$245.25
T062 4E1 36 120 50 60Tyna-Myte 4-Way Mounted Direct-Acting Solenoid/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/T0624E1_web-274x300.jpg4 Way.140-125 PSI18" ConduitManifold1/4" NPT120VAC$353.90
31E1 120 50 60Mini-Myte 3-Way Direct-Acting Solenoid/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/31E1-41E1-MINI-MYTE.jpg3 Way.10-100 PSI18" Conduit3-Way Direct-Acting Solenoid1/8" NPT120VAC$234.15
41E1 120 50 60Mini-Myte 4-Way Direct-Acting Solenoid/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/31E1-41E1-MINI-MYTE.jpg4 Way.030-100 PSI18" Conduit4-Way Direct-Acting Solenoid1/8" NPT120VAC$269.90