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Super quick exhaust valves feature a special molded shuttle designed especially for quick exhaust valve service. The shuttle's full-formed seating surface provides long cycle life and outperforms the flat-disk (sheet stock) diaphragms found in competitive valve designs. Because of its shuttle design, the super quick exhaust valve does not require the flow-restricting metal body webbing used in flat-disk designs.

# SELECT Item #Item NameCvOperating Speeds (CPM)Port Size (NPT) - ExhaustPort Size (NPT) - InPort Size (NPT) - OutPrice
1SQEShuttle and Quick Exhaust Valve0.13$14.50
2SQE1Super Quick Exhaust Valve - SQE10.72to 6001/41/81/8$20.20
3SQE2Super Quick Exhaust Valve - SQE20.97to 6001/41/41/4$20.80
4QE2Super Quick Exhaust Valve - QE21.44to 6003/81/41/4$24.90
5QE3Super Quick Exhaust Valve - QE31.48to 6003/83/83/8$25.35
6QE4Super Quick Exhaust Valve - QE42.09to 6003/41/21/2$50.90
7QE5Super Quick Exhaust Valve - QE54.10to 6003/43/43/4$52.65