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Norgen regulators from Air Inc are an excellent choice for any air preparation applications that require precise pressure regulation and moisture removal. Available in a wide range of specifications.

# SELECT Item #Item NameFlow (scfm)Operating Pressure (p.s.i.)Operating Temperature (deg F.)Port Size (Inch)Pressure Range (Psig)Price
1R72G 2AK RMGPressure Regulators70300 max.-30 to 1501/45-150$56.74
2R72G 3AK RMGPressure Regulators70300 max.-30 to 1503/85-150$59.03
3R73G 3AK RMGPressure Regulators144300 max.-30 to 1753/85-150$80.48
4R73G 4AK RMGPressure Regulators144300 max.-30 to 1751/25-150$80.48
5R74G 4AK RMGPressure Regulators220300 max.-30 to 1751/25-150$113.65
6R74G 6AK RMGPressure Regulators220300 max.-30 to 1753/45-150$113.65
7R72G 3AK RMNPressure Regulators70300 max.-30 to 1503/85-150$41.35
8R72G 2AK RMNPressure Regulators70300 max.-30 to 1501/45-150$39.07
9R73G 2AT RMNPressure Regulators91300 max.-30 to 1751/45-150$68.47
10R73R 2AT RMNPressure Regulators91300 max.-30 to 1751/45-150$108.22
11R73G 2AK RMNPressure Regulators91300 max.-30 to 1751/45-150$61.56
12R73G 3AT RSNPressure Regulators144300 max.-30 to 1753/810-250$86.15
13R73R 4AK RMNPressure Regulators144300 max.-30 to 1751/25-150$104.52
14R74G 4AT RMGPressure Regulators220300 max.-30 to 1751/25-150$120.65
15R24 400 RNLAPressure Regulators200300 max.0 to 1751/210-125$224.68
16R82G-2AK-RMGPressure Regulators69290 max.-4 to 1491/40-145$42.87
17R82G-2AK-RMNPressure Regulators69290 max.-4 to 1491/40-145$40.04
18R82G-3AK-RMGPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1493/80-145$42.87
19R82G-3AK-RMNPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1493/80-145$40.04
20R82G-3AT-RSGPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1493/810 - 247$48.53
21R84G-3AK-RMGPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1493/80-145$86.25
22R84G-3AT-RSGPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1493/80-145$93.75
23R84G-4AK-RMGPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1491/20-145$86.25
24R84G-4AT-RMNPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1491/20-145$90.00
25R84G-6AK-RMGPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1493/40-145$86.25
26R84G-6AT-RSGPressure Regulators66290 max.-4 to 1493/40-145$93.75