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The Fabco pancake cylinder is designed for short stroke applications in tight spaces. Every pancake cylinder comes with a 2 Year Warranty, and are RoHS compliant.

  • 1/8″NPT ports in all models
  • Double Acting Action
  • Media=Air
  • Max. Operating Pressure=250 PSI
  • Ambient & media temperature= -25 degrees F to +250 degress F
  • Stroke Tolerance= +/- 1/64″
# SELECT Item #Item NameBore (Inch)Stroke (Inch)Push Area, sq. in.Weight (lbs.)Stock ItemPrice
1H-5-XPancake Cylinder0.$49.50
2C-7-XPancake Cylinder0.750.250.440.15YES$46.50
3H-7-XPancake Cylinder0.751.00.440.28YES$50.30
4E-121-XPancake Cylinder1.1251.00.990.54YES$61.55
5G-121-XPancake Cylinder1.1251.500.990.67YES$66.15
6X-121-XPancake Cylinder1.1250.750.990.48YES$60.45
7B-221-XPancake Cylinder1.6250.52.070.93YES$73.40
8B-321-XPancake Cylinder2.$84.85
9C-321-XPancake Cylinder2.00.753.141.45YES$88.40
10D-321-XPancake Cylinder2.$93.55
11F-321-XPancake Cylinder2.$100.25
12D-121-XDRPancake Cylinder1.1253/80.990.61YES$89.05