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Humphrey foot pedal and manual valves are 2-way, 3-way and 4-way air valves featuring high flow and full orifice throughout their internal chambers. Simply designed for high reliability and long life, these diaphragm valves require NO lubrication or filtration.

Please refer to the accompanying PDF file for more specifications, options and dimensions.

SELECTItem #Item NamePort Size (NPT inch)TypeWeight (lbs)availabilityPrice
C125Check Valve1/8"Check Valve1.1 ozIn Stock$14.40
125P-3-10-20-40Push Button Valve1/8"3-way NC detented.3In Stock$35.85
125A-3-10-203-Way Air Pilot Spring Return1/8"3-Way Air Pilot Spring Return.3In Stock$30.40
125PLGPalm-Operated Valve with Guard1/8"3-way NC with Guard.3In Stock$114.15
125T-3-10-21Heavy-Duty Lever Valve with Base1/8"3-way NC.3In Stock$71.70
125V-3-10-20Heavy-Duty Toggle1/8"3-way NC Detented.3In Stock$47.20
125V-3-10-22Panel Mount 125V Manual Air Valve1/8"3-way NC Detented Panel Mount.3In Stock$54.15
250P-3-10-20Push-Button Valve1/4"3-way NC Detented.6In Stock$44.15
8-10Humphrey 125 Series Mounting BaseNANA.3In Stock$5.20
8-20AHumphrey 250 Series Mounting BaseNANA.3In Stock$6.20