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Standard air filters from Air Inc protect air operated devices by removing liquid and solid contaminants.
Please allow 4 week lead time for models listed as not in stock.

# SELECT Item #Item NameFilter ElementOperating Pressure (p.s.i.)Operating Temperature (deg F.)Port Size (Inch)Shipping Height (Inch)Price
1F07-100-M1TAMiniature General Purpose Filter5150-30 to 1251/86$46.43
2F07-200-M1TAMiniature General Purpose Filter5150-30 to 1251/46$46.43
3F07-200-A1TAMiniature General Purpose Filter5150-30 to 1251/46$55.17
4F18-C00-A3DAGeneral Purpose Filter40250-30 to 175210$1,316.66
5F39-100-M0TAOil Removal (Coalescing) Filter.01150-30 to 1251/8 PTF4$110.88
6F46-800-M0MAOil Removal (Coalescing) Filter.01250-30 to 1501 PTF4$487.09
72962-89Panel Nut for 07 Series (Plastic)$7.23