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Humphrey TAC valves may be operated by pilot or manual/mechanical operators via their push buttons. Each push button has a shoulder that allows “bottoming out” actuation and prevents over stroke and valve damage. All valves include lock nuts and lock washers.

SELECT Item #Item NameAction TypeBody ThreadStock ItemPrice
Humphrey® 2 Way TAC Valve - 2PHumphrey TAC ValvesPushbutton1/8 NPTYES$10.08
31PHumphrey TAC ValvesPushbuttonYES$16.36
31VHumphrey TAC ValvesToggleYES$20.54
341AHumphrey TAC Air Pilot Valve OperatorDirect PilotYES$9.47
341ASHumphrey TAC Air Pilot Valve OperatorSnap ActionYES$25.41
34AHumphrey TAC Air Pilot Valve OperatorDirect PilotYES$8.11
34ARHumphrey TAC Air Pilot Valve OperatorOne-ShotYES$24.33
34CTAC Mechanical Valve OperatorDirect ContactYES$4.68
34FTAC Mechanical Valve OperatorDirect ContactYES$21.40
34TTAC Mechanical Valve OperatorDirect ContactYES$6.04
3PHumphrey TAC ValvePushbutton1/8 NPTYES$10.08
3VHumphrey TAC ValveToggle1/8 NPTYES$14.24
41PHumphrey TAC ValvePushbuttonYES$21.15
41PPHumphrey TAC ValvePushbuttonYES$23.85
41PPXHumphrey TAC ValvePush-Pull DetentYES$31.47
41R-D3Humphrey TAC ValveRockerYES$37.68
41T-D3Humphrey TAC ValveToggleYES$37.68
41VHumphrey TAC ValveToggleYES$26.79
42PHumphrey TAC ValvePush ButtonYES$81.75
4PHumphrey TAC ValvePushbuttonYES$17.47
4VHumphrey TAC ValveToggleYES$23.24
8-600Flat BracketYES$6.74
S125Shuttle Valve1/8 NPTYES$17.06
SQEShuttle and Quick Exhaust Valve10-32YES$8.91
RSRAir Pressure Regulator1/8 NPTYES$23.36