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15 Series Accessories

# SELECT Item #Item NameMounting HoleRecommended HardwareHardware Required (to T-Slot)Hardware Required (to 1/4u0022 Panel)AvailabilityPrice
12264Storage Bin HangerIn Stock$10.22
22265Storage Bin HangerIn Stock$12.24
312316Cable Mount Block (1/4 Turn)In Stock$2.01
412328Anodize BreakerIn Stock$5.29
52421Quick Change Panel ClampN/AIn Stock$4.95
62117-1Panel GasketIn Stock$0.78
72425Panel Mount Block5/16-18 Tap ThruIncluded3114 Bolt Assembly (1)In Stock$9.33
814143Panel Mount BlockM6 X 1.0In Stock$3.36
92436Single Mesh Panel Retainer3114 Bolt Assembly (1) to Wire or 3320 Bolt Assembly (1) to T-SlotIn Stock$10.26