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40 Series Drop-In & Slide-In T-Nuts

# SELECT Item #Item #NameItem NameNut TypeThreadAvailabilityPrice
113023M01010Slide In T-Nut - 13023Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
240-1981M01010M8 Slide-in Economy T-Nut - 40-1981Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$0.48
340-1984M01010M8 Standard Slide-in T-Nut - 40-1984Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$1.21
440-1982M01010M8 Double Slide-in Economy T-Nut - 40-1982Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$1.21
53932M01010Standard Drop-in T-Nut - 3932Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$1.16
63933M01010Standard Drop-in T-Nut - 3933Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$1.16
740-1986M01010M8 Roll In T-Nut With Flex Handle - 40-1986Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.74
840-1968M01010M6 Roll-In T-Nut with Set Screw - 40-1968Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$3.66
940-1988M01010M8 Roll In T-Nut With Set Screw - 40-1988Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$3.66
1013031M01010Roll In T-Nut with Ball Spring - 13031Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
1140-3914M01010M6 Roll-In T-Nut with Set Screw - 40-3914Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
1240-3915M01010M8 Roll-In T-Nut with Set Screw - 40-3915Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
1313021M01010Roll In T-Nut with Ball Spring - 13021Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$3.36
1413040M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13040Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
1513037M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13037Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
1613039M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13039Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
1713027M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13027Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
1813032M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13032Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$4.08
1913035M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13035Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$4.08
2013036M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13036Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.58
2113038M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13038Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
2213041M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13041Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
2313089M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13089Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
2413095M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13095Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30
2513091M01010Roll In T-Nut - 13091Pancake CylinderDrop-InM6In Stock$2.30