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A wide variety of yellow brass pipe fittings and adapters for use in fluid power applications. Listed below are items stocked at Air Inc. Many other styles are available with a short lead time. If you don't see the style or size you need, please ask Customer Service!

# SELECT Item #Item NameFemale Pipe Thread (NPT inch)Ship From State/ProvinceMale Thread (NPT inch)Overall Length (inches)Price
2101SC1/4" Female Pipe Tee1/4-18 (All Ends)$12.00
3103AUnion-Heavy Style1/80$3.00
7110C-0Bushing-Hex Head1/801/4$1.29
8110EBushing-Hex Head1/803/8$3.00
9110EEBushing-Hex Head1/43/8$1.64
10110FBushing-Hex Head3/81/2$3.33
11110FCBushing-Hex Head1/41/2$5.50
12112CClose Nipple01/40.88$1.25
13112FClose Nipple1/21.12$4.00
14112XAHex Nipple1/80.97$1.85
15112XCHex Nipple1/41.12$3.00
1648H5/8" X 1/2" Flare Male Connector5/8" X 1/2"1$11.50
17940FH1/2" X 5/8" Hose Stayput Barb X 45 Swivel Flare Nut1$13.00
18116SA-9790 Degree Street Elbow- Low Profile1/81/8$3.00
19116SC-9790 Degree Street Elbow- Low Profile1/41/4$5.50
20116SF90 Degree Street Elbow1/21/2$16.00