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Vacuum mufflers and silencers are designed to reduce air blast noise with an innovative flow through design. Air Inc carries a great selection of vacuum components for a wide range of industrial applications.

# SELECT Item #Item NameConnectionMaterialShipping Height (Inch)Shipping Length (Inch)Shipping Weight (Pound)Price
1N125Mufflers, Silencers1/8"NPTPOREX$2.99
2N250-FFMufflers, Silencers1/4"NPTPOREX441$3.26
3N250Mufflers, Silencers1/4"NPTPOREX441$3.63
4N375Mufflers, Silencers3/8"NPTPOREX441$4.16
5X20A5-CNMINI X20L Vacuum pump1.102.520.15$160.53