40 Series Brackets & Gussets

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Item: 40-4302


Fabco Pancake Cylinders are designed for short stroke applications in tight spaces. Every Fabco Pancake Cylinder comes with a 2 Year Warranty.
  • Media=Air
  • Max. Operating Pressure=250 PSI
  • Ambient & media temperature= -25 degrees F to +250 degress F
  • Stroke Tolerance= +/- 1/64"
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    In StockIn Stock
    Item #40-4302
    Weights (lbs.).085
    Recommended Hardware3393 Bolt Assembly (2)
    ManufacturerAllied Witan
    Minimum Order1
    Units Per Package1
    Push Area, sq. in.0.2
    Stock ItemYES
    Temperature Range20~150 f
    Bore (Inch)2.5
    Stroke (Inch)1
    Weight (lbs.)2.5
    BowlLong transparent without guard
    Filter Element.01
    Pressure Range (Psig)-29.5 in Hg to 150 psi
    OperationTypeSolenoid operated
    Voltage220 … 240 v ac/dc
    Service Kit4209 03
    Outlet pressure adjustment5 to 150 psig
    Control SignalN/A
    Pressure Max300 psig
    Flow rate (Cv)1.0
    Port Size (NPT) - In1/8"
    Pressure Range0-125 psi
    Type2-way NC
    Accuracy2.5% of Full Scale
    MountingThru Hole, subbase or manifold
    Port Size (NPT inch)N/A
    Weight (lbs).3
    Weight per foot1.3433 lbs.
    Nut TypeDrop-In
    Screw TypeSHCS
    Required HardwareMounting hardware included: 3005 Bolt Assembly (2) & 3275 Bolt Assembly (2)
    Thread Size3/8-16
    Load Capacity70 lbs.
    Base Plate Width1"
    Fluid AdmittedAir
    Thread UNF/NPT/Metric Taper10-32
    Tube Diameter -OD5/32"
    Service Temperature Range32-140º
    Tube Diameter -OD15/32" (4mm)
    Tube Diameter -OD21/8"
    Service Pressure Max. (psi)150
    Service Temperature32-140
    Tube Diameter-OD3MM
    Female Pipe Thread (NPT inch)1/8
    Male Thread (NPT inch)1/4
    Overall Length (inches)0.75
    Hose I.D. (inches)1/4
    Dimensions36" x 24"
    (S) Stroke (inches).38
    Optimal Velocity Range - in/sec12-130
    Bore Size (Inch)0.56
    (ET) Max. (in.-lbs./cycle)62
    (ETC) Max. (in.-lbs./hour)195,000
    Damping TypeDashpot
    Body Thread1/8 NPT
    Max. Shock Force (lbs.)1700
    Port Connection5/32" rigid tubing
    Approximate Pulse Time @ 80 psi - seconds3/4
    Approximate Reset Time @ 80 psi - seconds1
    Port Size10-32 unf inch
    Weight - Oz.1.25
    Max Pressure175 psi
    Energy Savings KitNo
    Maximum Vacuum (in Hg)5 mbar (abs)
    Non-Return ValveNo
    Seal MaterialNitrile
    Vacuum Flow@ 0 psi18.2 scfm
    Outside Diameter, in.3.11
    Current Output mA, maxN/A
    FunctionSPDT Switch wired NO or NC
    Safety ClassificationUL 508; CSA Certified, C22.2 No. 14
    Voltage DropN/A
    Wire LeadsN/A
    Filter Area, sq. in.4.90
    Volume Internal, cu. in.2.10
    BodyClear food grade PVC
    Helixsteel wire
    Inside Diameter, in.0.25
    Working Pressure200 PSI at 70 degrees F
    Type DescriptionMuffler, Fine Flow 35um
    MaterialsCuZn, ABS, PMMA
    Suggested Bolt Assembly (Qty)12
    Bearing Length4"
    Handle TypeL Handle
    Consists Of4424 (1), 2797 (1) & 4387 (1)
    Nub Width (Base)1.5"
    Contacts2NC 2NO
    Conduit Thread Size1/2" NPT
    Item Number139006
    Part Number1J-156-01
    Resin Comp.95A
    Package100 ft Roll
    Tube Wall.031"
    Tube OD5/32"
    Tube ID3/32"
    Working Pressure (PSI)75° (210) : 150° (85)
    Bend Radius3/8"
    Tube ColorsBlue & Red
    Circuits2NC 1NO
    Body MaterialStainless Steel
    Cable Length5M
    Output Contacts2NC
    Supply Voltage24V AC/DC
    Switch Input Circuits2NC
    Porting Type3 Way Normally Closed
    Leads18" Conduit
    Weight5.3 oz
    Sensor TypeNPN
    Sensor ConnectorQuick Disconnect
    Grip Force62 lbs
    Stroke Spread.6 in
    Port ThreadM5
    Control DirectionMeter-out
    FinishBright Zinc
    Thread x Length5/16-18 x 1"
    Flow (Cv)0.52
    Port (NPT)1/8"
    Electrical EntryDIN Connector
    Weight (oz)6.0
    Material FinishNatural
    Temp. Range-40°F to 180°F
    Valve Spring316 Stainless Steel
    Min.Bend Radius2-1/8"
    Weight (lbs/1000")35.5
    Working Pressure (psi@68°F)120
    Working Pressure (psi@125°F)78
    Burst Pressure (psi@68°F)400
    Tube O.D.1/2"
    Tube I.D..375"
    Wall Thickness.062"
    Wrench Hex9/16"
    Operating Pressure15 to 145 psig
    Operating Temperature0 to 175 °f
    MountCenter back connection
    Hex (inch)7/16
    Pressure Rating300 PSI max
    Pipe Size1/2"
    Overall Length1-17/32"
    Pilot Ports1/8" PTF
    Pilot Port Pressure35 - 150
    Sterilization (Gamma)Up to 50 kGy irradiation
    Spillage<0.025 cc per disconnect, 0.009cc per connect
    Flow9.5 scfm
    Hex Diameter1-1/16"
    Max Working Pressure (PSI)116 psi
    Max. Vacuum-29.5in. Hg
    Barb SizeTubing I.D.=1/16", Hole Thru=0.055
    Weight (oz.)2.0
    Shock Absorber Model(LR)OEM .25M (B)
    Service Pressure14.5 ~ 130psi
    Solenoid (Watts)3.5 W
    Bottle Size24 oz.
    Bore Size0.24 inch
    ItemPanel Nut for 07 Series (Plastic)
    Seal TypeBuna-N
    Actuator TypeFlat Stainless
    Hole Size1/4" x 20
    Piston Rod Threads10-32
    Opening12" x 4"
    Top24" x 24"
    Panel Angle90º
    Action TypePushbutton
    Operating Speed (Hz)5
    Valve Stroke0.094 in
    Operating Speed (cycles/min)900
    Snap Action Pressure35 +/-5
    Pilot Pressure Range22-125 psi
    Termperature Range20-150
    Inlet Pressure Range0-150 psi
    Control Pressure Range1-125 psi
    Port Size (NPT)1/8"
    Port Size (NPT) - Exhaust1/4
    Port Size (NPT) - Out1/8
    Item Price$33.15
    Profile Compatibility1010, 1003, 1004, 1020, 1030
    Mounting Hole1/4-20 Tap Thru
    Hardware Required (to 1/4u0022 Panel)3063 Bolt Assembly (1)
    Hardware Required (to T-Slot)Included
    Resting Valve PositionOpen
    Stem OD5/32"
    Bowl Capacity2.2 oz.
    Note:Install an F17 filter with 5um filter element upstream for maximum life.
    Maximum Pressure300 psig
    Maximum Temperature150 F
    Drying capacity at 100 psig6000 cubic ft
    Volume2Liters (0.53 Gallon)
    Maximum Delay240 sec
    Grab-ringStainless steel
    CollarNickel plated brass
    Max Load70 lbs
    Max Vacuum29 Hg
    Working Vacuum-29.5in.Hg
    Tube Diameter -OD (D1)1/4"
    Tube Diameter -OD (D2)5/32"
    Thread (Male)9/16-18UNF
    Silencing Effect20 dB
    Tube OD (D2)1/4"
    Tube Quantity4cc
    Belt Size3mm x 15 mm (159mm long)
    Inner Diameter6.51mm
    Hardware Required13-6316 Bolt Assembly (1)
    Bit Size5/32"
    Bore0.5 inch
    Stroke.25 inch
    Outlet Pressure Range5-100 psig
    Output Pressure3-15 psi
    Pressure Relief Range4 ... 101 psi psig
    Flow rate96 scfm
    Female Pipe Thread1/2 npt inch
    (ET) Max.50 in.-lbs./cycle
    (ETC) Max.110000 in.-lbs./hour
    (S) Stroke0.28 inches
    Max. Shock Force360 lbs.
    Optimum Feed Pressure87 p.s.i.
    Hysteresis -inHgN/A inch hg
    Signal Range0 to 30-inHg inch hg
    Minimum Bend Radius1.0 in. mm
    Maximum Operating Temperature175.0 °f
    Maximum current5.0 amp
    Maximum pressure300 psi
    Operating Speedsto 600 cpm
    Flow Rating0.4 cv